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Hi, I am Joshua Tumanda

I am an SEO Specialist X Web developer based in Cebu City, Philippines. I have been in the industry for quite some time now and have handled and maintained Wordpress and Magento e-commerce sites. My main aim is to make my client's website visible online and have the ROI they need. I am also involved in web development with Wordpress platform and still learning new technology like HTML5 and CSS3. Actively working on several websites and helping start-up companies making their business visible online.

With my free time, I used to travel(local) and run(long distance). My passion in on music and instruments and love photography especially on scenery genre. I am an avid fan of Android and its technology. Active in testing and helping Android developers with its implementations and developments. With some free time, jumping and testing ROMs.‚Äč


Bachelor degree – Computer Science


A degree holder of Computer Science from Holy Name University from Bohol, Philippines. Active in various organizations like WDG (Web Developers Guild) and Vice-Governor of the Student Department Body.


Web Development
Social Media
Internet Marketing


SEO Specialist |


I have been working as SEO Specialist for under the umbrela of Zylun Philippines.

Forum Moderator / ROM Tester | MIUI (International)


Involved in Forum Moderation for MIUI International Forum. Help the community with MIUI and Adroid questions and clarifications. Active in tesing new ROM grounds from MIUI and Cyano and pure AOSP. Set a standards on the forum which will provide and maintain its standards internationally.

Web Developer | Freelance


Done some web development freelance pojects. Main platfrom from these projects are in wordpress, using HTML5 and CSS3 technology.

What can i do

Web Development

Web Development

Creating websites that fits your business needs using html5 and css3 technologies and knowledge with Wordpress and Magento e-commerce Platforms.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Broad knowledge in Internet Marketing Stategies and provide standards on current online marketing campaings and strategies on both existing and new business sites.

Social Media

Social Media

Knowledge in optimizing your Social Media profiles and developing social media campaings and strategies that will outrank your competitors online.

Need my service? Feel free to drop me a line.

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All clients and projects involved

    MIUI Forum

    MIUI Forum International

    Forum Moderator // ROM Tester

    Zylun Philippines

    Zylun Philippines

    SEO Specialist

    Cebu Best Condominium

    Cebu Best Condominium

    Web Developer // SEO Consultant

    SEO Specialist

    Desired Ranking

    Desired Ranking

    Technical SEO Specialist

    Internet Marketing // SEO

    Bohol Beach Resorts

    Bohol Beach Resorts

    Web Developer // SEO


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Name : Joshua Tumanda
Birth : 1988 / 06 / 9
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Address : Cebu City, Philippines 6000
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